Industry supporting companies in island booths are required to comply with the line-of-sight industry standards. Backgrounds can be up to 20' in height (6.01m). This applies to all components and properties of the booth, including fixtures, signs, etc. Supporters must comply with at least one or both of the following rules: 


  • 5’ Set Back Rule: Any counter or side rail must be no more than 4’ high (1.22m). If any counter and/or side rail, or display fixture is higher than 4’ in height (1.22m), must be inset a minimum of 5’ (1.52m) in from the aisles order to protect the sight lines of the surrounding supporters. 
  • 40% See Through Rule: Any structure higher than 4’ (1.22m) must have 40 percent visibility on all sides. Supporter must use Plexiglas or a similar see-through material for any structure or wall to allow for a line of sight above 4’ (1.22m). Any booth component or fixture cannot be arranged inside the booth to build a wall. 

Show Management needs to review all island booth drawings to confirm compliance to these rules. You can submit a drawing/rendering/plan of your island booth layout to Show Management using the Island Booth Drawings Approval Form. Please submit your layout to Show Management no later than February 10, 2023. Show Management reserves the right to request adjustments onsite if it is determined that a booth space violates these rules.