Attendees, exhibiting personnel and exhibitor-appointed photographers are prohibited from shooting video, photos or recordings anywhere in the theaters and the exhibition areas. If you see any unauthorized persons who are using cameras of any sort (including mobile devices such as phones, tablets, laptops or any similar devices) in the theaters or exhibition areas, please contact the floor manager, security personnel or Show Management.

All photography, videography or recording must be approved by Show Management. The photographer, videographer or recorder must report directly to their designated location upon arrival. They must not photograph, video or record any other exhibitors or areas other than the exhibitor that retained their services. If the exhibitor is not using a third party but providing their own equipment and staff, they must be submitted to Show Management for approval by using the Photography Vendor Approval form (coming soon).

Members of the registered press who are interested in shooting video or photos in the Exhibit Hall must be accompanied by DDW Administration. Crews can arrange for an escort in the DDW Newsroom.