Qualified participants are limited to firms, organization, and agencies whose participation promotes an awareness of products, technologies and services that are recognized and approved by DDW as being in harmony with, and supportive of, the objectives of the event. 

Companies must fall within one or more of the following categories in order to be eligible to participate in DDW: 

  • Anesthetics and Conscious Sedation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Technologies
  • Capsule Endoscopy Technology
  • COVID-19
  • Diagnostic Equipment, Devices and Services
  • Disease State Awareness
  • Endoscope Disinfection: Reprocessing Equipment, Solutions, Accessories and Services
  • Endoscopes: Upper Scopes, Colonoscopes, Enteroscopes, EUS and ERCP Scopes
  • Endoscopic Devices
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Nutritional and Weight Management
  • Other Imaging Techniques: OCT, Confocal, Fibroscan, Fluoroscopy, etc.
  • Patient Education, Tools and Mobile Apps
  • Pharmaceuticals: Acid Suppression Medications
  • Pharmaceuticals: Antiviral Medications for Hepatitis
  • Pharmaceuticals: Diarrhea, Constipation and Functional Bowel Disorder Medications
  • Pharmaceuticals: IBD Medication
  • Pharmaceuticals: Other Pharmaceuticals
  • Practice Management/Telemedicine Technologies
  • Probiotics and Medical Foods
  • Professional: Certification, Education, Recruitment and Medical Training Simulation
  • Publications
  • Start-Up Company
  • Surgical Equipment

Qualified participants must: 

  • Have GI-related products or services and must be professional in nature. 
  • Have products and services consistent with at least one of the product categories listed above. 
  • Agree to comply with the policies, rules, and regulations, including those policies that govern the submission of the application, and all policies, rules and regulations adopted by DDW hereafter.

DDW has the sole right to determine the final eligibility or qualification of any firm, organization, agency, or product for inclusion in the event. Rulings by Show Management in all instances are final. If DDW finds that an approved company misrepresented itself to gain approval to participate, DDW reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time. If DDW cancels misrepresented company’s contracts, the company is responsible for any fees due to DDW or its vendors at the time of cancellation.