Standard In-Line Booth 

  • A standard in-line booth is 10’ wide by 10’ deep (3.05m by 3.05m), and 8’ high (2.44m). Side rails or counters can go up to 4’ in height (1.22m). Any obstructions in the front half of the booth can also be up to 4’ in height (1.22m). Backgrounds in the rear half of the booth space are allowed to be up to 8’ high (2.44m). In a standard 10′ x 10′ booth, the background cannot extend from the back wall into the booth by more than 5’ (1.52m). The following image details the boundaries and limitations for the booth. 
  • DDW provides back and side drape for all in-line booths. 

Corner Booth 

  • A corner booth is an in-line booth at the end of a series of in-line booths with access to two aisles. All guidelines for in-line booths apply (see above). 


Perimeter Booth 

  • A perimeter booth is an in-line booth that backs to a wall of the facility rather than to another exhibit. All guidelines for in-line booths apply except the maximum height for backgrounds is 12ft (3.66m).


Island Booth 

  • An island booth is any space open on all four sides. Island exhibits must be 20′ x 20′ (6.01m x 6.01m) or larger. The visual disadvantage created by a neighboring island booth should be no greater than that caused by an in-line booth. DDW does not allow island booths to be 30’ x 30’ (9.14m x 9.14m) unless Show Management specifically approves an exception. All Island booths must adhere to DDW's See-Through Guidelines.